Instrument Review Project

The SIRC Instrument Review Project (IRP): A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Implementation Science Instruments


Exciting advances have been made in the field of dissemination and implementation (D&I). However, much like the science-practice gap that motivates our field, a communication gap exists among researchers and stakeholders at the forefront of this work.  Instrumentation issues have slowed the progression of the field of D&I given the laborious process of systematically developing psychometrically sound yet feasible and cost-effective ways to assess our efforts (Martinez, Lewis, & Weiner, 2014). The lag that occurs between initial development, implementation, and then publication delays the process further, resulting in instances in which independent research teams are devoting considerable resources to unnecessarily redundant work. As a consequence, progress toward the development of commonly used instruments has been very slow, limiting the extent to which researchers have access to and are able to benefit from the contributions of their colleagues.


The overarching aim of the SIRC Instrument Review Project (IRP) is to conduct a systematic review and synthesis of D&I instruments pulling, not only from published work, but also utilizing existing D&I research networks to obtain instruments in earlier phases of development.


Three primary outcomes for this project series include:

(1) a comprehensive library of D&I instruments measuring the implementation outcomes identified by Proctor and colleagues (2010) and organized by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR; Damschroder et al., 2009) to make available to SIRC members;

(2) a rating system reflecting the degree of empirical validation of instruments, adapted from the evidence-based assessment (EBA) work of Hunsley and Mash (2008) and Terwee et al (2012);

(3) a consensus battery of instruments decided upon by D&I expert task force members using the EBA criteria to guide future D&I research efforts.


The investigative team (Dr. Cameo Stanick, Dr. Bryan Weiner & Dr. Cara Lewis) sought funding from the National Institutes of Mental Health to expand the current research in April 2015. Please click here to see the summary of 1R01MH106510-01 that funds our present work.


An update on SIRC Instrument Review Project Progress 

We have now identified nearly 450 instruments to be included in our repository. The instruments assessing Implementation Outcomes (Proctor et al., 2009) have all been twice rated using our evidence-based assessment rating criteria. Results are now available through the IRP portion of the website. The repository is available freely to all SIRC members. 


How can you access the repository?

You must become a SIRC member. Please click here for more information on how to become a member of SIRC. 

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An example of the IRP webpage layout.

Our instrument repository, available only for SIRC members, is organized as follows.


There is a navigation page that includes the CFIR diagram, which organizes the constructs according to domains (e.g., outer setting, inner setting).



Once you select a domain from the CFIR diagram above you will be presented with a list of constructs as seen in the picture below.



Selecting a construct will then take you to a construct page that includes the definition, and the list of measures with a brief summary of each (shown below).



Finally, you can select a measure to access sample items, links to related articles, the scoring guide, any supplemental material, and a graphical display of the EBA rating score (see below).

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.57.16 PM

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